Brief by Samsung CZSK

QLED communications strategy in the past had seemingly “equalised OLED and QLED”
so consumers may have perceived QLED as the challenger brand and OLED as the market leader.

Create a campaign that establishes QLED as industry-leading television technology.



  • Tech-literate people understand technical jargon and technical comparisons

  • To speak the language of the general person, we must make a simple and clear distinction between OLED and QLED without using technical jargon



  • A positioning campaign that simultaneously positions OLED TV as old tech and QLED TV as new tech

  • There is a similarity in pronunciation of OLED and OldLED

  • With contextual activation and an interesting message, consumers could resultantly perceive OLED as OldLED

POSM Key Visuals

When it comes to advertising TVs, it is the norm to use vivid imagery full of colour. So how do you stand out? By doing the opposite (monochromatic art direction). No headlines or sub headlines are necessary, the visual and the hashtag say it all.

KV 1 | Highlighting the primitive wiring management system of an OldLED TV setup next to a refined solution from the QLED TV.


KV 2 | An overly complicated remote compared to a minimalist counterpart.


KV 3 | The TVs displaying their respective logos in the long term. An OldLED TV with its respective logo burnt into the screen, and a QLED TV displaying a crisp logo.

Retail Touchpoint

POSM | In-store "way-finding" signage pointing to QLED TV and to OldLED TV (LG, Sony etc.)

Digital Touchpoint

Web Banner | Strategically target people researching OLED TVs, and try to sway them to check out QLED TV.