Galaxy Summer Photoshoot


To communicate the Galaxy S9 | S9+ to a younger demographic


Young people use their phones for photography and videos to capture memories


Capture a summer full of festival memories with a young couple


The campaign saw our couple demonstrate the camera chops of the Galaxy S9 | S9+ throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Experiences were captured at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Pohoda Festival, Hip Hop Žije, Sázavafest, Colours of Ostrava, and finally Grape Fest.


I was only available to attend the final festival, Grape Fest in Piešťany, SK. The photographer and I travelled there by car—and had to work quickly to scope out possible backdrops, think up shot ideas, and to execute while the sun was up.

As this was the final festival shoot, I was briefed by our digital head to art direct these shots to be a lot different from the previous shoots. Thankfully, Grape Fest had many points of interest that we could work with. For example, these seemingly mundane water tanks became illuminated and revealed themselves to us as night fell.