shopitect | Brand Video

The retail production department at Cheil advertising agency wanted to brand itself, in order to better market its services and to extend its client base.

European HQ came up with the name “shopitect” and I was tasked with creating the brand manual.

On top of that, I worked on the brand video, where I designed the storyboard, liaised with the production company, wrote the script and performed the voiceover for the final video.

Snow Getaway 2019

Decided to experiment with editing and framing a vertical video. This was also my first time using a 360 camera as an action camera.

Equipment: Galaxy Note9, Insta360 OneX, Gorilla Pod
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Insta360 OneX app

Little Brother's 18th | The Birthday Cake

Went back to London for my little brother's 18th. On the day, I was able to capture my mother making his birthday cake!

[BONUS] Also managed to capture the cub of the clan devouring the remains of the cream.

Equipment: Samsung Galaxy Note9, Snoppa Atom Gimbal
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Audacity

Spotify Free

Spotify is great, but in a business context it is necessary to take care with its implementation.

Some time ago, I visited a lifestyle store that sold a curated range of garments and design wares, and they had a Spotify free account. How did I know? well, I was in their store for a reasonable amount of time and played witness to 2 sets of ads. Not cool.

The interior design of the store was quite trendy and I would say the price point of the goods to be on the pricey end of the scale. This brand was seemingly aspirational with its interior design and goods selection, but failed to go the extra millimetre in its brand positioning by upgrading to a Spotify Premium account.

Every brand touchpoint forms the brand experience, sound being no exception. Upgrading to premium would have cost a couple of bucks more but would have made all the difference.

Mr O’Shaughnessy 

While in secondary school, one of my favourite subjects was PE (physical education)—and at around 12/13 years old, I didn’t really care about the theory side, I just wanted to do the practical stuff. I was full of energy and all I wanted to do was play sport.

We only had 2 hours of practical PE on a weekly basis, so our PE time was a precious resource.
Annoyingly, our Head of PE at the time, Mr O’Shaughnessy, would occasionally have a rant and lecture us about something.

On one particular occasion, he was babbling about health and nutrition, and then he dropped this amazing line:

“You wouldn’t pour crap into your car, so why would you pour crap into your bodies?”

A lot of kids were eating junk food (including myself), so this was relevant. It was a holy smoke moment. My ears perked up and my eyes affixed to the source of wisdom. On this one occasion, I was actually paying attention to Mr O’Shaughnessy.

I’d perceived what he’d said as: people treating the objects that they’d bought better than their own bodies. Think of it this way—If an object breaks down, you could buy another, but you can’t do the same for your body. Although, the active ones among us weren’t seeing the bodily changes from our unhealthy diets (because of fast metabolism and an active lifestyle), I realised that as we’d age, this way of being will not be sustainable.
This teacher was trying to tell us to change our mindsets.

On that day, in one line, and in a single breath—this teacher was able to impart me with wisdom to live by.
I decided to be grateful for my health and to not take it for granted.

Mr O’Shaughnessy, thanks to your ranting and lecturing, you got through to at least one of us. Those 10 seconds of magic have given me more value than all of those practical PE sessions put together.

YCN Student Awards 2014/15 brief: Santander

Choo Choose

Throwback Thursday to an execution for a random brief that I came across.
The main reason for tackling the brief was to train my mind to do creative work.
There was no pressure, I created the visual and the copy for fun (and practice, of course).


Throwback Thursday to a sculpture I made for a friend who had broken her finger.

It was totally improvised. I found some scrap materials, quickly thought of a concept, and then made it within the university workshops.

At the end of the day, I got all of our friends to sign the piece, and it was given to her on her birthday.
In the second picture, you can see it full of love, residing on her mantelpiece.

Shou 1
Shou 2