BBC Three

A brief introduction

As a netizen who follows design news, I've witnessed the internet react (mostly negatively) when a brand announces a logo redesign. In these instances, I observe—but there was one occasion where I just couldn't sit on the sidelines. And that's when BBC Three had announced their new logo—and my jaw dropped. What was wrong with their new logo?

  1. Imbalanced spacing. The strokes could have matched the width of the square but they just didn't, and I found it somewhat unsettling.

  2. The logo is essentially a roman numeral for 2 and an exclamation mark (so the new logo screams BBC2!). A little confusing no?

Overall, I didn’t feel that the logo did the BBC justice (the BBC logo itself has an amazing clarity to it).

Official (new) BBC Three logo

Unofficial (my proposed) BBC Three Logo

Simply moaning wouldn't be of much use. Instead, I moaned constructively by designing one that I felt would be more suitable.

The purpose of my proposed logo design is clarity. And I shared this logo on social media to see what other would think. And thankfully, I've managed to elicit positive feedback from friends, strangers and even from BBC Three themselves!


In hindsight, I imagine the design studio had tried their hands at many options but the limiting factor may have been an intellectual property issue. But either way, what the BBC has settled on just doesn't make much sense.