Alfa Omega Technology


Short logo animation for TV displays in the O2 Arena.


Unmasking the logomark to draw attention to the design details of the mark itself. 3D rotation to unveil the combined logomark and workmark.

Client: Alfa Omega Technology
Programs: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator

Cheil PF 2019


Create a social media post to welcome the new year.



I wanted to get my hands dirty with some good old fashioned arts and crafts. With the proliferation of boomerang content on instagram, I thought that it would be neat to create a looping stop animation.

My colleague (copywriter) and I went to a craft store and bought some card, and then we used a hole punch on A4 card to create the pieces for the stop animation. To form the letters, I printed and cut out a stencil to use as a guide. When it came to animating, we decided it would be easier for us to form the letters first and then animate backwards.

Cheil Xmas Party 2018

Here’s a little project I ended the year with. I designed the visuals and created the copy for the event, which were used for invitations, venue decorations, and the farewell video.

Note: For the background textures on the graphics, I actually went to the venue and photographed the walls.

I created this farewell video for our departing agency head. It was well appreciated :)